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All Acai Juice is NOT created equally, so don't be fooled by "juice blends" that come in a pretty bottle.  NJP Products is committed to providing Maximum Potency Organic Acai Juice at the lowest prices possible.   Our Acai Juice has never been reconstituted (NOT from concentrate).
If you want 100% Pure Acai Juice, you've come to the right place. 

Our state-of-the-art processing facility is the de facto standard in the Acai industry.  Over a decade of research has enabled us to harness the maximum benefits of Acai. 

We use only wild-harvested Acai berries grown in the Amazon with no man made fertilizer or pesticides.  Rich soil and year round tropical weather make the Amazon the most ideal growing conditions possible for Acai.

Did you know?  Most of our competitors use only 30-40% Acai in their product and the rest is just regular fruit juice!

Many of our competitors have discovered ways to use less Acai and more additives, preservatives, and flavors to keep their costs down.  This is a method of cutting corners to keep their profits high, but this also means that their customers are not getting the best possible Acai juice available.

When considering your health, are you interested in cutting corners? 
Of course not, that's why you're here!




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