Far Infrared for Pain Relief
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Far Infrared Therapy

Actual size 1.5 inches

For Normal Use:
Place disc on desired area applying pressure.  The discs can be held in place with a large bandage, Ace banadage, sport wrap or medical tape.  Keep on area for as little as 20 minutes or as long as you desire. 

For Heat Therapy:
Pour a glass of warm water (as hot as you like it) and submerge the disc for 30 seconds or longer.  If disc is too hot let sit checking temperature every 15 seconds until desired temperature is achieved.

For Cold Therapy:
Place disc on ice cube for 30 seconds or longer or chill in freezer.

Usage warnings:
Never over heat or under cool.  Never microwave, boil or heat using any other method than directions listed above.
Do not use on open wounds.
Discontinue use if skin shows sign of rash or discomfort.



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