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Q:  What is "FIR"?

A:  Abbreviation for Far Infrared.

Q:  What types of relief can be expected from FIR?

A:  Joint and muscle pains such as, arthritis, tendonitis and similar ailments in joints and muscles.

Q:  How often can I use FIR products?

A:  All of these products can be used as needed or all day.  There is no such thing as using them too much.

Q:  When can I expect results?

A:  Usual results are noticed on the first 3 applications.  For long term pain, continue use as needed.

Q:  How should I store these FIR products?

A:  In a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Q:  What are the side effects?

A:  None have ever been reported.

Q:  Can children use FIR products?

A:  FIR is safe for everyone.  Some of the disks are small, so adult supervision should always be observed to avoid a choking hazard.



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