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What should I look for when choosing Noni Juice?

When shopping around for Noni juice, here are the most important factors to consider:
  • What size is their bottle?  Most competitors sell a 12oz or 18oz bottle for what appears to be a good price, but not if it is only half the size.
  • What dosage do they recommend?  Most competitors recommend a 1/2oz serving per day, when a minimum of 1oz per day is when the full benefits of Noni are achieved. 
  • Are they selling 100% pure Noni juice or a "juice blend"?  Most competitors mix their Noni juice with regular fruit juice (such as apple or raspberry).  
  • Are their bottles plastic or glass?  Plastic bottles do not retain the naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, and trace minerals as well as glass containers.
  •  Is their Noni juice from Tahiti or Hawaii?  The highest quality Noni is grown in Tahiti.  Also, anyone who has tried both will tell you that although Tahitian pure Noni is bitter tasting, Hawaiian Noni juice is difficult to stomach without mixing it.
  • Are they selling Noni juice or trying to lure you in to their MLM program?  The vast majority of Noni juice companies want to get you on the phone to try to convince you to sell Noni juice to your friends.




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