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Frequently asked Noni Juice Questions

  Q. -  What is the difference between Noni Juice Plus and the Noni juice sold by the big MLM company?

  A. -  Our Noni juice is 100% pure juice which means it has NOT been mixed with regular fruit juice.  Also, our juice is NOT made from reconstituted noni puree, we sell only pure, organic Noni juice.

  Q. -  I was told that pure Noni juice tastes so bad that it cannot be taken straight.  If this is true, how can you sell the pure juice?

  A. -  This is a myth spread by companies that dilute their Noni juice with other juices.  Pure noni juice is bitter and does not taste good, but 99% of our customers have no problem drinking it straight.  

  Q. -  Where is your Noni fruit grown?  

  A. -  Our Noni fruit is all grown in Tahiti.

  Q. -  I see other Noni juices selling for much more than your juice, doesn't that mean it is better than yours?

  A. -  We manufacture our own organic Noni Juice.  That means that we do not have down lines of distributors or middlemen to pay nor do we use extravagant packaging (which increases the cost to the customer), we simply sell our pure Noni juice at prices that everyone can afford.

  Q. -  Can I mix your Noni juice with some other type of juice?

   A. -  Yes.  Our noni juice can be mixed with any juice of your choice but, maximum benefits are achieved by drinking it straight.

  Q. -  What is the difference between Noni juice from Tahiti and Noni juice from other parts of the world?

  A. -  As far as history can tell us, the Noni fruit originated on the Tahitian islands.  If Noni is found elsewhere, it can be assumed that it was transplanted from Tahiti.  Tahiti has a year round tropical climate which makes it the best climate for Noni to grow.

  Q. -  Is your Noni juice pasteurized?  I have heard that pasteurization degrades the quality of the juice, is this true?

  A. -  Yes, we pasteurize our juice.  Since our Noni juice does not contain any additives, preservatives or stabilizers, it is necessary to pasteurize our juice to ensure that no harmful bacteria will form.  The same reason milk and orange juice is pasteurized.  Our pasteurization consists of flash-heating the core temperature to 65 degrees Celsius for only 10 minutes.  No degradation of the juice occurs.

  Q. -  I have seen Noni juice for sale at much lower prices than yours.  How can they sell it so much cheaper?

  A. -  There are multiple ways that some companies make their juice cheaper including; selling Noni juice made from concentrate, selling Noni juice made from reconstituted noni puree, selling Noni juice diluted with regular fruit juice, or selling Noni juice diluted with water.  We do NOT participate in any of this "cheapening".

  Q. -  Am I buying from a secure site?

  A. -  Yes.  Our site is 100% secure.  We utilize cutting edge technology to ensure that your information remains secure and your shopping experience is a pleasant one.

  Q. -  Is your company a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

  A. -  Yes.  NJP Products is a proud member with an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau.  As a matter of fact, we have never had a single negative report filed against us.

  Q. -  How do I know if the Noni juice I have been taking is purest form possible?

  A. -  Many Noni juice companies have labels that are misleading.  You must read the ingredient label to find out.  If you see "made from concentrate" or "reconstituted" this is indicative of a dehydrated product.  If you see ingredients containing regular fruit juices, sugars, additives, preservatives, flavors or water, this product has been diluted.

  Q. -  What is the proper amount of Noni juice to drink per day?  

  A. -  When first starting to drink noni juice, it is recommended that you take a "load serving" for the first month.  Take 3oz per day for the first month.  Then take 1oz per day for 1 week.  If you notice that you did not enjoy the same benefits as when you were taking 3oz per day, increase the amount to 2 ounces for 1 week.  Everyone's metabolism is different and it may be necessary to experiment with the amount you take.

  Q. -  Do you offer Free shipping?  What service do you use for shipping?

   A. -  Yes.  We ship all orders FREE within the Continental United States.  We ship all orders via FedEx Ground service.

  Q. -  Do I have to get on an automatic shipment program or is there an order minimum to buy Noni juice from your company?

   A. -  No.  We do not have an autoship program.  You just order when you need it.  There is no order minimum to order, you can order as little as one bottled.

  Q. -  Where does your Noni juice ship from?

   A. -  We ship from our headquarters in Mission Viejo, California.

  Q. -  How long does it take to receive my order?

   A. -  All orders received by 12:00pm (California time), Monday through Friday,  are shipped out the same day.  Shipments take between 3-6 business days to arrive, depending on your geographical distance from California. 

  Q. -  Do I have to pay tax when I order from you?

   A. -  Only California deliveries will be charged sales tax.

  Q. -  When is the right time to take Noni juice?

   A. -  To achieve maximum benefits, drink noni juice on an empty stomach.  At least 1/2 hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after a meal.  Taking it in the morning is ideal as your stomach is completely empty at this time.




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