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Noni Juice "Hype"

There are some Noni juice companies that create "hype" about their product to convince shoppers to choose their brand.  Unfortunately, many of these companies create this hype with false claims.  To allow our customers to make the most informed choice of which Noni juice to buy, we have compiled the following list of false claims made by some Noni juice companies.

  • Exclusive agreement? - Some companies lead their customers to believe that they have an exclusive agreement with the French government as the only company allowed to import Noni from Tahiti.  This is NOT true.  Most people don't fall for this story, as common sense tells them that such an agreement would be a monopoly, which would not be permitted by the U.S. government.

  • 100% Pure? - Many Noni juice companies market that they sell 100% Pure Noni juice, when in fact, they sell Noni juice from concentrate.  Concentration consists of the Noni juice being broken down (dehydrated) into powder form (this is done to decrease shipping costs from Tahiti).  The dehydration process is performed by heating the Noni juice at extremely high temperatures which destroys many of the beneficial properties of the Noni fruit.  This broken down powder is then mixed with water, bottled, and sold to the unsuspecting shopper.  Noni Juice Plus is NOT from concentrate.  Noni Juice Plus has never been reconstituted and is always preserved in juice form.

  • The taste of 100% Pure Noni Juice - There are many Noni juice companies that deceive their customers into believing that pure Noni juice is so disgusting that people can't stand to take it.  This is another deceptive story told by companies that sell cheapened Noni juice mixed with regular fruit juice.  Pure Noni juice does taste bitter, but it does NOT taste disgusting like some unscrupulous Noni juice companies would lead you to believe.  In fact, we have never had any of our customers complain that it tastes too bad to take straight.

  • How much Noni is in there? - Most Noni Juice companies sell flavored Noni juice, which is part Noni (usually from concentrate) and part regular fruit juice (also usually from concentrate).  Many times these companies do not tell you how much Noni juice is in their "juice blend".  Some Noni juice companies sell a product that is as little as 11% Noni juice and the rest is just regular fruit juice (such as grape or apple).

Here at Noni Juice Plus, we do not participate in "hype".  We only sell the genuine article, 100% Tahitian Pure Noni Juice with no additives, preservatives, flavors, colors, or any added water.  If you want a more pure form of Noni, you'll have to fly to Tahiti and eat raw Noni fruit.




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