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If Noni Juice is so beneficial, why haven't I heard more about it?

Pharmaceuticals are a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  If Noni were made available to the mass public, it would cripple the pharmaceutical market.  Why?

Noni is naturally grown and abundant in supply, therefore, a major manufacturer of pharmaceuticals could not come in and patent Noni.

These giant monopolies already know this and therefore, they are not interested in promoting it because it would decrease their sales of the man-made medicines that have made them very wealthy!  These huge companies cannot allow the possibility that ailing people might turn to traditional alternatives to treat their problems.  It’s big business and they have made their money from prolonging people’s sicknesses.  If they had a cure for the many diseases that ail us, do you think they would let us know?  Probably not!

These problems have been around as long as modern medicine has.  Fortunately for all people, we live in the information age and this type of vital information is readily available for all to see.  More and more people are becoming savvy to this and that is why there has been such a rise in the interest of natural alternatives. 

NJP Products understands this way of thinking.  We know that our consumers are not always interested in taking a pill.  Instead, our customers can take an all-natural supplement to help maintain a healthy body.*

Another added benefit of choosing Noni juice is that there are no reported adverse side affects that commonly occur when taking man-made medicines.  Mother earth has already provided us with the tools to keep us healthy, why not take full advantage?




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