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What do our customers have to say?

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"What wonderful NONI Juice!!!!!!!"

 - Pat A.   KY


"I just want to take the time to let you know that after a month of taking the Noni Juice you supply I noticed a difference…I have an overall feeling of good health. I use to take the juices sold by others which were mixed with fruit juices and that costs about 35% more, I couldn’t really afford to keep it up and I don’t recall feeling as well as I do now. Thank you for this product as well as the affordability, I truly believe in it."

 - Marietta M.   GA


"I am thrilled with the results using your Noni juice…You sell a wonderful product, you don’t overprice it even though it’s pure and don’t charge shipping, which I think is great! Keep up the good work!"

 - Georgia F.   RI

"I just wanted to tell you how noni juice has helped me…I just wanted to thank you for this product."

 - Diane W.   TN


"I heard about Noni Juice and I decided what do I have to loose so I tried it. I felt a difference the very next day. I’ve been using it for a week now and it is unbelievable how much energy I have. After a eight hour work day I’m wondering what to do next."

 - Teresa B   C

"I would like to tell you that the Noni Juice is amazing…Today is the fifth day of my wife taking it every morning and afternoon and she is more like the woman I married twenty five years ago. She feels good, looks great, and swears to me she hasn’t felt this good in ten years…My general sense is of a feeling of well being, in other words, my whole mental outlook is much better not to mention feeling better physically.  We are so impressed with your product and we have recommended your product to at least fifty people via email. Yesterday alone, my friend George C. ordered some, Capt Vince M. is going to order some, as well as Phil B., Sara C. and others. These people all know me as a “Very straight shooter” and know that I wouldn’t say something is good if it isn’t. They all called and emailed me saying they can’t wait to get their supply of Noni Juice so they too can start feeling better. I will be ordering some more next month and thanks again for such a fine product"

 - Ted Sheridan   VA


"I was reading your disclaimers on the Tamanu Oil. I’m quite the skeptic and generally go into things with unbelief. However, upon trying the Tamanu Oil, at the age of 52, I discovered that the broken and chipped nails that have been an increased problem over the last few years have strengthened and began growing like they did in my 20’s. I have been using the Noni Juice and the Tamanu Oil on a daily basis for the last month. I contribute this rejuvenation of my nails to that…I have used different products over time and this is the first one I have used that lives up to its testimonials. Thank you."

- Gloria   MO

"Nothing short of a miracle! I’m only taking 1 ounce a day and feel better than I have ever felt. I also love the fact that it has curbed my appetite. Thank you, thank you."

- Tammy   NC

"A coworker told me about how Noni Juice had helped his mother. Feeling I had nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. I’ve been taking noni daily since then."

- Douglas S.   WA

"When I was 49 and going through menopause, my energy level was at an all time low. I was taking handfuls of vitamins daily and still I was lethargic and achy all the time.  A friend told me about Tahitian pure noni juice and I decided to give it a try. I noticed a huge boost in energy after taking noni for just one day. I immediately started jogging again and now I feel better than I ever have before.  I also noticed my mood swings have dramatically been reduced. Noni is now part of my daily diet."

- Carol C.  CA

"I have been drinking Noni juice for almost 3 years now. It really helps…my energy levels are higher than ever.  I was drinking Morinda all this time till I found out that it was only part noni juice and mostly fruit juice. So I poked around on the internet and found this site. 100% pure sure makes a huge difference! I feel even more energetic than when I just drank the Morinda! I just made my second purchase of Noni Juice Plus and I will definitely be back next month. Thank you so much! I can’t imagine not drinking my noni juice every day."

- Lora R.  CA

"I am convinced!"

- Randy F.   CA

"I was very skeptical about this as I am not a believer in herbal remedies but I decided to give it a try anyway. I started taking the noni 3 times a day (before each meal) and within the first 3 days I could feel a noticeable difference…I feel wonderful! I am so thankful I decided to try noni, I only wish I knew about noni years ago!"

- Charlotte R.   NC

"This is a great product!"

- Kimberly T.   WA

"I bought a bottle and took it 3 times a day. The first 3 weeks didn’t yield much results and I was becoming skeptical that the noni was doing anything for me. However, in the 4th week I began to feel better. It has been 3 months since I started with the noni juice and I feel much, much better."

- Mary O.   CO


"My wife has been drinking Noni for the past 3 or 4 years and she had been hounding me to try it for myself. I tried to appease her by drinking some here and there but it didn’t seem to help. I tried to convince her that it did nothing for me and she said its because I don’t take it daily. She bought me my own bottle and sent it in my lunch ever day. It still wasn’t working. Then I started taking it 4 to 5 times a day just to get rid of it and hopefully get her off my back. Strangely enough, I gradually began to feel better. I guess I just wasn’t taking enough of it."

- Fernando A.   AR




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