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What is Noni?

For over 2000 years, Noni (morinda citrifolia) has been used for its many beneficial properties.  The early Polynesians used it as a general tonic.  They found it particularly beneficial for maintaining healthy immune, respiratory, digestive, and intestinal systems.*  It was also determined to be helpful for maintaining a healthy central nervous systems and supporting muscles, bones, and tissue.*  Currently, scientists are studying possible effects of maintaining cardiovascular and cellular health.*

The early Polynesians would take Noni fruit with them in their canoes when they migrated to new islands.

They regarded this fruit as a necessity in their daily lives.  It is still revered today for its ability to promote energy.*

The Tahitian islands are comprised of very rich volcanic soil and year-round tropical climate, which are the most ideal growing conditions for Noni. 

Our 100% pure Noni juice is made from only the choicest, hand picked Noni, harvested and aged the traditional Tahitian way.  Our state-of-the-art processing facility is second to none.  Over 10 years of research has enable us to harness the maximum benefits of the noni fruit.

Many of our competitors are using new technology to speed up the process so they can make it faster.  

When considering your health, do you want your Noni Juice made fast or made right?

Anyone who has taken 100% pure Noni juice will tell you that it is bitter tasting.  Most Noni juice you will find is NOT pure Noni juice, but a “juice blend”.  These “juice blends” are made mostly from regular fruit juice (such as apple or raspberry juice) and only a small percentage of real Noni.  This is done to enhance the flavor and keep production costs down.  Noni Juice Plus sells 100% Noni juice with no additives, preservatives, or flavors of any kind.  We provide only Maximum Potency Noni juice AND we sell it for 30% less than our competitors’ juice blends. 

When taken properly, in its purest form (liquid), Noni may promote energy and general well being.*




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